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Here are five tips on how to use your car tires. If you know more than three, you're good!

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Is a car tire a key part of driving a car?Better tyres make driving more enjoyable, which in turn makes driving safer.Recently a friend asked, when we drive, the car tires are often stuck with small stones, serious when there will be some glass slag.Even though the tires are not a big deal, should they be taken out?

Make sure your tires are clean

The effect of automobile pattern is to improve the tire grip, but also the tire drainage function and heat dissipation ability to increase.Tire after a long time driving will have wear and tear, heavy loss is also to replace.If there are more stones in the tire, the grain drainage function and the grip will decline, and some of the more wet road is also easy to lead to safety risks!

If the stone in the tire is stuck, because the stone is not too regular, there will be a large loss for the tire and tread.It will not only reduce the life of the tire, but also lead to a tire leak and a flat tire.

Therefore, there are some sundries in the tires, which also need to be cleaned up as soon as possible, and detect whether the tires are leaking.Although this is more troublesome, but also for driving safety, but also to clean up as soon as possible!

2. Nails are not pulled out immediately

At present, the car is used vacuum tire, if it really encounters a nail into the tire condition, it must not be pulled out immediately.Even if the nail is punctured, the car tires will not leak and burst immediately because of the vacuum inside.If it is pulled out at this time, the vacuum condition inside is also affected, and the car tire is easy to leak, which also has an impact on driving!

If say encounter by tie a nail condition, that also is to want to find nearby repair inn as soon as possible repair next fill a tire!

3. It is not necessary to do four-wheel positioning

When changing a tire, the repair shop will also ask you to do a four-wheel positioning.If you just change a tire, then do the four wheel positioning is usually not very likely to have an impact on the car driving, but if the car one-time changed 4 tires, it is necessary to do, at this time the tire performance and the old and new situation is different, do not do the four wheel positioning is also easy to have an impact on the tire driving!

4. The car tire will tell you when to change it?

In fact, the tire factory has a wear mark on the tire, which is also raised in the groove of the tire.Car tire loss to reach this position is also to replace the next car tire!

5. The recommended time frame is usually three to six years.We also suggest that the tire used within the number of years, according to the loss of the state to deal with the replacement!

Car tires are also more key substances, we need under and also to maintain better.Although it is some relatively small details of the material, but only to deal with this small details of the material, but also can make their driving more safe!

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