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happy Halloween

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Halloween is a western holiday, in Halloween, you will send your friends what kind of a blessing?  

1) The long March is love, Halloween without you really can't!  With you by my side, black and white is unstable and alarming, Lord Hades is scared and Lord Death is restless.  You are the legendary ghost -- onion head!   

2) Halloween night, shining lights, the sky is a riot of colors, I across the long march to find you, the heart of thousands of words in the moment to see you into a word: ghost!   

3) WHEN I think of you, I am like a hungry ghost.  When I saw you, I was drunk and entranced;  I'll be happy to spend Halloween with you.  Dear, I wish you a happy Halloween!  

4) Dear, I would like to be a devil beside you, every day to beat your legs, rub your back, every day to bring you joy, bring you sweet, every day to put you in my heart, in my arms.  Baby, Halloween is coming, I wish you a happy.  

5) Halloween, all blessing to you, all the best around you, ten thousand wealth close to you, wanli pengcheng waiting for you, wish you all vientiane update, pro, Halloween arrived, in case received my blessing, you must be happy.   

6) Wear a jack-o-lantern on your head and set up offerings.  Writing worship ghosts and spirits, dead food dinner.  The jack-o '-lantern shows the way.  Send back the souls of the dead, safely through the winter.  Halloween, I wish you good luck and happiness in the winter!   

7) The holy festival to play devil exorcist for peace, wear strange clothing line candy pray for happiness, light the bright future road, relatives and friends invited to toast gifts fellowship emotion.  I wish you a happy Halloween: good luck!   

8) light a ghostfire to shine on you, call you good luck;  Grab a handful of candy for you to taste, wish your life is sweeter than honey;  Play a ghost to find you, give you good luck;  Halloween is coming, I wish you peace forever.   

9) Halloween is coming, the big ghost is looking for you.  Lucky ghost meets a head with you, good thing always meets you;  Unlucky ghosts are blocked by you, trouble will be far away from you;  Happy ghost and you hit full, good luck with you.  Happy Halloween!   

10) Halloween, naughty devil tease you, happy;  Merry jester beckons you, elated;  Auspicious angel guardian you, good luck boundless;  Sincere wishes to you: happy Halloween oh!  

11)Halloween has become a very common seasonal festival in the West.  Many people see this as the end of autumn and the beginning of winter.  After Halloween, people look forward to Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's day.  

12) Halloween, happy spooky tease you, happy infinite;  Good ghost in the spirit of you, happiness is infinite;  Auspicious ghost bless you, good luck;  Friend god eyebrow ghost eye bless you: I wish you happy oh!  

Finally Sunsoul hope you have a good mood, wish you healthy, happy every day!

happy Halloween

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