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Ding ding dang! Christmas is coming

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Fireworks of the moment is happy, meteor of the moment is praying, missing of the moment is touched, and I just want you to see the message of the moment to understand: I am sincerely wish you a lifetime of happiness!Merry Christmas!

Every night, every day miss, distant lover, Christmas Eve, although you are lonely, but so beautiful!Because of my sincere blessing...

Legend Christmas Night, stars make a wish;May all the world be safe and happy!

Tidy up the place, plant a Christmas tree, tie up that candy, hang up that gift, put on Christmas clothes, give you blessings, blessings written letter, Christmas send, Christmas holiday to, wish you happy!

Christmas is coming, Santa Claus let me inform you in advance: because your home has no chimney, this year he will ring your doorbell at twelve o 'clock on Christmas Eve, the gift will be personally sent to your hands, remember to wait patiently at home, Wish you a merry Christmas!

Bells, bells;Christmas songs, sung;Santa Claus falls from the sky.Neon lights, lit up;Christmas tree, glitter;A Christmas greeting to cheer you!Romantic Christmas, auspicious good luck with the side!Merry Christmas!

Christmas, my thoughts keep rising;In love you every day, my cheek constantly to squeeze;Every second I think of you, my chin moves down;Dear, Christmas is coming, wish you happy happy!

Every paragraph of life, there will be unexpected harvest, every move will not miss, Christmas blessing to you, is all I miss, wish you a merry Christmas!

Listen, the bell of Christmas Eve, that is my Christmas greeting;Look, the picture of fireworks flying, that is my Christmas card;Listen, the ringtone of text messages, this is my Christmas wish: I wish a merry Christmas!

Happy deer, lucky pry, the good luck to send;Wishful socks and happy hats drive away bad luck and bad luck;Warm letter, sincere heart, I wish my blessings are true.Merry Christmas to you!

I wish you a merry Christmas and a sweet every day!



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