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Chinese Teachers’ Day

Time: 2020-08-27 Hits: 50

Teacher’s Day, the only feeling of this festival is nostalgia. Those who give us knowledge and guide us to grow up become a ladder in each person’s life, one by one.

In the golden autumn of September, Sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance, soft wind to send cool, and the hard gardener is bathed in the glory brought by the profession. On September 10th,the “Teacher’s Day” is so loud, “Teacher, you have worked hard!” A sincere greeting condenses all expectations; “Teacher, happy holidays!” A sentence of affectionate blessings contains countless auspicious! The strong voice of the times constantly hits the atrium of the evangelist, and the respect for the teacher has become a fashion. The science and education rejuvenate the country and the fragrance is fragrant. The teacher is like a farmer who has provoked a basket. The heavy harvest has bent the backbone but wrote happiness on the face.

But I believe that teachers are the spiritual masters who really promote social progress. They use their weak shoulders to carry the hope of national prosperity and spread the energy of social progress: technology, ideas, beliefs! For education,They are so painstaking and hangover, in order to cultivate the pillars, they are sleepless, obsessive, and stubborn. From young to old, from impassioned to retired, how many nights are the lights to dawn? How much sweat is in the classroom? Leading students to climb the Temple of the Book of God and ride the wind and waves to learn the ocean.

A drop of water can reflect the sun’s rays, and countless drops of inspirational water converge into a sea of wisdom. The soul engineers always start from bit by bit, using the heart and sweat to hold up the sun of tomorrow!


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