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Action is better than fantasy

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People often say, well begun is half done. So what makes a good start? I think only action can be a good start. To do one thing, as long as the action, is half the success.It can be seen that the power of action is huge.

The wings of a bird are big, If it doesn’t try to vibrate its wings, how can it fly high? No matter how high a person’s ability is, if he doesn’t work hard, how can he succeed? Even if a country’s products are rich, if the country doesn’t strive for development, how can stand tall among the nations of the world? All this suggests that action is better than fantasy.

“Action” is not an abstract empty word. It needs you to use the firm faith, the indomitable fighting spirit and the confidence to achieve.

All along, the celebrities paid for each successful effort was made. Like Beethoven, he was deaf, blind and in worse physical condition than any ordinary person. But was he discouraged? No, Beethoven has always risen to the challenge, faced the setback, confident and optimistic smile to life. Finally, he became the most famous musician in the world with his own actions.

Nowadays, many people have a big dream in their hearts. However, they often lack the firm belief, indomitable fighting spirit and the belief to win, so their goal only stays in the mouth, can this “speaking giant” also easily achieve success? These people often “three days fishing, two days drying nets.” If you don’t act at all, how can you achieve lofty ideals?

Dear friends, we should always remember a truth: action is better than fantasy. Success begins with action.


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