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Bead Sealer TSG-797



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Short Description:

SUNSOUL Bead sealer TSG-797

※Bead Sealer is a thick black sealant designed to stop bead leaks.

※Quick and economical, these sealers form an air-tight seal between the tire and the rim,

effectively reducing    comebacks from aggravating bead leaks.

※BEAD SEALER is spreadable sealant for sealing leaks caused by ageing or wear on the beads

of passenger,truck, tractor, EM and off-road tyres.

※Bead sealer is applied to the bead and set before the tyre is inflated.

※When the tyre is inflated, the solid matter contained in the solution is pressed into the uneven

areas in such a way that they are sealed.

Bead Sealer

● Directions:

※The product is applied between the tyre bead and wheel rim then inflated to pressure,

excess material which is forced out due to the bead popping out can be washed off with just

water as product is totally environmentally friendly.

※For multi piece wheels the product is also a very effective fitting paste due to the products lubrication


※The product is applied between the flange and tyre bead, fit the O ring and apply the product between the

O ring and flange,fit locking ring and inflate to pressure the product will seal around the bead and O ring

to give a very effective seal to last until the tyre is removed.

※Again excess product washes off with just water.

● Specification:




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