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  • Good summer is with beer and lobster

    Good summer is with beer and lobster

    Just a few days ago, our department organized to eat crayfish, we arrived at the destination with a fiery heart, The small room was filled with diners, because there are more and more people who eat lobsters now, lobs...
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  • Container loading process

    Container loading process

    Do you know the process of containering the whole container? Let’s take a look today. First of all, we have to book a container. We need to order the appropriate container according to the volume and gross weight of...
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  • Spring day outing – barbecue

    Spring day outing – barbecue

    In the morning of May, the air is warm and sultry. In this spring season, our department organized a self-service barbecue in the wild, and then went fishing lobster. The purpose of this activity is not only a good op...
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