• Happy birthday to jenny!
    Post time: Mar-27-2020

    Spring blooms, warmth rises. On March 26, 2020, SUNSOUL prepared a birthday party for employees in the first quarter. Everyone gathered for a birthday party! Three birthday stars wore birthday hats and accepted warm birthday wishes from colleagues. The birthday candle is lit, the birthday cake is...Read more »

  • Fighting virus in a reasonable way
    Post time: Mar-20-2020

    How to fight the virus: Wear mask Check yourself often Early isolation Less out Not party Often ventilated Wash your hands frequently Do not stay up all night Balanced diet Exercise more Have confidence     Read more »

  • The March New Trade Festival
    Post time: Mar-13-2020

    March is the beginning of the year and the beginning of trade activities. The March New Trade Festival focuses on “NEW”. With the creation and guidance of new products, new trends, new services, and new markets, the international station continues Create excellent business and quality...Read more »

  • Happy International Women’s Day!
    Post time: Mar-06-2020

    On March 8th, 1975, the United Nation started to celebrate the International Women’s Day. In China, the women’s day also called “March 8th”day. Why we celebrate women’s day? There is a long story. On March 8th, 1909, the Women’s Union of Chicago demonstrated against the inequality between men and...Read more »

  • Plan ahead to be more stable
    Post time: Feb-23-2020

    Just after 2020, many black swan incidents have occurred,the black swan event refers to a major unpredictable event. It unexpectedly changed everything. There may be a “black swan” behind everyone. The new coronavirus epidemic is undoubtedly the “black swan incident”, whic...Read more »

  • Pneumonia is ruthless, love is affectionate
    Post time: Feb-14-2020

    This year’s Spring Festival is not the same. Without the excitement that the Spring Festival should have had, it added a bit of tension. Isolate the virus, not isolate the love There is true love on earth, we pay attention to the progress of the epidemic through the external media every day...Read more »

  • Huoshenshan hospital: Chinese speed in a race against death
    Post time: Feb-10-2020

    How long does it take to build a hospital? Ten days and ten nights. From January 24th,2020 to February 2nd,2020, a hospital with scientific design and well-equipped facilities stood up.It is named “Huoshenshan hospital”, and it holds people’s expectation of driving away the plag...Read more »

  • The Spring Festival holiday
    Post time: Jan-20-2020

    We will start holiday from Jan.21th to Jan.31th.2020 Thanks for all the Customers,Partners and Suppliers from oversea and domestic who supported us in 2019. We wish all members will have a great holiday!! Read more »

  • Christmas greetings and best wishes!
    Post time: Dec-25-2019

    Christmas Day,the 25th of December,is the biggest festival celebrated in the Christian countries of the world.Although everyone enjoys Christmas Day,it is particularly enjoyed by children,who get very excited because of the presents they know they are going to receive.Small children believe that ...Read more »

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