• Guidelines for Organizing Exhibits Online at the 127th Canton Fair
    Post time: May-27-2020

    Guidelines for Organizing Exhibits Online at the 127th Canton Fair 1. Specific time? How long is the exhibition period? From June 15-24, 2020, the exhibition will last for 10 days. 2. The scope of online exhibitors? Export Exhibition: Exhibitors are about 25,000 companies that have been arranged ...Read more »

  • How often do car tires change?
    Post time: May-22-2020

    Tires can be regarded as one of the most important parts of a car. It is not only responsible for driving the vehicle, but also bears the weight of the vehicle. Tires are one of the most worn parts on the car. In addition, On the one hand, the quality of the tires is also related to our safe driv...Read more »

  • How to identify retreaded tires
    Post time: May-14-2020

    Kobe Steel is the third largest steel company in Japan. Kobe Steel admitted on 2017 that it tampered with the performance data of some aluminum products and supplied them. The scope of involvement is extremely wide, including not only Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Subaru. , Mazda’s Japanes...Read more »

  • The Power of a Smile
    Post time: May-09-2020

    We are busier and busier now. sometimes we just feel stressed and painful and we forget tosmile. please smile! Smile to others around you. smile to the world. Smile is import portant in our life. for ourselves, smile can make us happy and relaxed when we are sad or stressed. when you smile, the w...Read more »

  • Happy Labor Day
    Post time: Apr-30-2020

    May 1st, International Workers’ Day, commemorates the historic struggle of working people throughout the world, and is recognized in most countries. The United States of America and Canada are among the exceptions. This despite the fact that the holiday began in the 1880s in the USA, linked...Read more »

  • This is a war without smoke. And we are all fighters!
    Post time: Apr-26-2020

    This is a war without smoke. And we are all fighters! To the fighters We are facing a dark time right now. Some of us are stuck at home. Some of us are stuck far away from home. Some of us have lost our jobs. And some have to shut down their businesses. Some of us are cutting down the expenses. S...Read more »

  • Happy birthday to Aaron
    Post time: Apr-17-2020

    Birthday has different meanings among people. Everyone has his own favorite way of enjoying the birthday.We think that it is important for people to celebrate birthday. Birthday is a memorable day and an unforgettable day, and this week’s April 17th is Aaron’s birthday, we prepared cakes an...Read more »

  • How to test whether the mask is easy to use?
    Post time: Apr-10-2020

    People usually test whether the mask is easy to use from the following aspects: 1.Comfort These masks are  very comfortable on the face.  Because the straps on both sides can easily hang on the ears 2.Air leaking There is very little leaking if the metal nose bridge is properly pinched together. ...Read more »

  • Post time: Apr-03-2020

    Here is a video on how to wear a mask → Perform hand hygiene before putting on mask. Choose the correct size of the mask and ensure there are no defects. Step 1 Hold the mask in your ...Read more »

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